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Web Development Services

Increase brand awareness | Drive traffic to website | Get leads & Sells with our result driven digital marketing services


Developing a website can be a delicate and complex process, and so as to ensure that the right components are incorporated, you’re going to need expert web development services

Team Coninja

Your website will have to be aesthetically pleasing, have the correct components to create conversions, and you’re going’ to need access to technical expertise so as to maintain long-term functionality.

Our web development service possesses the programming and design skills to supply your brand using a professional platform that will bring in visitors, load at high rates and comprise a technical construction to support search engine optimization campaigns..

How Coninja Can Help You In Web Development?


Create Trendy & Responsive Website For Your Business


Provide You Lead Machine Which Feed You With Lots Of sales


Help You Put Business Information On The Internet


Present Every Details You Want To Know Your Customers

What you’ll get working With a web design firm Coninja

The custom website created for your company is tailored to meet the online needs of your customers, and we would like you to be involved with every step of the procedure! If you design a Website with us, then you will have:


Direct communication with the web team to discuss the project including developing a strategy, design requirements, budget information, scope of work, schedule, etc..and An approval process of your website’s plan, content, design, and launch.



Collaboration with an assigned Project Manager to critique the web process, set expectations, answer any questions, and ensure you are fully aware of how your website is going to be constructed.



Direct communication with the web team to discuss the project including developing a strategy, design requirements, budget information, scope of work, schedule, etc..and An approval process of your website’s plan, content, design, and launch.

We Built Website According to Business Need

Basic & Informatic Website

  • PHP

CMS Based Website Development

  • WordPress
  • WIX
  • Square Space

E-commerce Website Development

  • Woo-Commerce
  • Maganto, OpenCart
  • PHP, Python Custom Made

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Development

What is the cost of a web development project?

Providing an accurate quote for your web development project starts with assessing your goals and requirements. We outline this information in a Specifications Document, which is used not only to structure your budget but to keep our team accountable to your objectives. For more complex projects without a defined Specifications Document, it may make sense to apply the “time and material” approach.

This allows greater flexibility to rapidly develop your website according to each set of objectives provided and implement iterations as needed, to completion.

Can an existing website be enhanced or supported?

Your existing website can potentially be enhanced or supported depending on the technology with which it was created. If this is an option you would like to explore, we begin with an assessment of your current website to determine the viability of potential enhancements.

Sometimes, it makes sense to keep the foundation of an existing website and if feasible, optimize its performance. Other times, however, it is more cost-effective to start from scratch. After an assessment, we’ll provide you with all of your options.

As a general rule, sites that appear higher up in the results will get more traffic to their pages, and so more business. Hence proper SEO management and strategy is the best way to increase the visibility of your brand online.

What is your development stack and what other technology capabilities does Comrade have?

Comrade uses the LAMP stack for websites and web applications that are more dynamic in nature. Informational websites are usually built on WordPress.

For e-commerce sites, we work with the most popular platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. We also have experienced web developers who build more complex websites using Laravel (for the backend) and frontend frameworks like Vue.js, React, etc.

What's the right way to choose the best web development company?

The first thing to verify is whether the web development company you’re considering has created similar projects in the past. Peruse the company’s website for a portfolio and case studies. Are current/previous clients successful with their websites? Does the web development agency have the assets (manpower, technological resources, skillset and support staff) to properly support and scale your project in the future?

How is an idea turned into a website prototype?

Even the biggest businesses started with an idea. The same applies to their websites. Success usually comes later, thanks to the desire to turn that idea into a concept and then into reality. We start the same way. We discuss your idea and build out your concept, in as much detail as possible, in the form of a prototype.

Getting started is as simple as scheduling a whiteboard session with one of our specialists. We’ll discuss your product or services, explore conceptual themes, and provide our feedback.

Why Choose us as your Web Development Agency?

We have experience building sites of all kinds — from eCommerce websites on world-class platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to informational websites on sites such as WordPress, Webflow and Square Space.


Experts in front-end and back-end design, UX, design, database


We deliver high-performance websites that are proven to drive revenue


Experts in web design and development for every type of site in nearly any business sector

Experts in front-end and back-end design, UX, design, database